Monday, November 12, 2012



After moving into our new home, we knew is was going to hurt to heat it. 

 We had lived in an apartment for the past 3 years which included heat.

We decided it would be the most cost efficient to buy a woodstove, since the chimney and brick were already there. 
Plus, we really love the look and smell of a wood fire.
So here is our first pile of fuel.  $275 a cord.
I found this tool caddy at an antique store for $15.
I thought is was perfect to hold our wood.
I found our first bag of Fatwood
at a resale store for $1.
I think wood is beautiful.
I love the brick and wide pine
(with the original nails).
This room is the coziest in a house full of cozy rooms.

We got a fantastic deal on this stove. 
Brian originally paid about $750 for it at Home Depot, and bought it to surprise me.
He had already purchased it, and it was being delivered the next day, when I showed him an ad from a tractor store. 
A very similar stove was  $550.
Hubby was not happy.
  It was 11pm, and Home Depot was closed. 
 At 6am the next morning, Brian was on the phone trying to cancel the order before they loaded the stove onto the truck. 
 He spoke to the manager who told him to come in with the ad.  Even though it was not exactly the same stove, they matched the price, plus an additional 10%.  The final price - $495~! 
 I love this woodstove. 
 It is warm. 
 It is cozy. 
 It is perfect for a cold winter day. 
 And I love coming home to the crisp smell of wood burning.
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  1. I love stoves! I love having a place to stand that is so hot in the winter. I'm sure that this goes back to our coal stove in NH (though I would never opt for coal again). My dad missed the stove so much that he put in a pellet stove in his Ohio house.

    1. Cathy, I remember the coal stove. And the soot your mom loved so much. Miss you and your family!


  2. One of my favorite things of all is a wood burning fire!! I just looove the smell, the crackling, and the warmth is gives a house. Your home is the ultimate in cozy! It looks like a place I wish our family could stay at for a week at Christmas! (I can't wait to see your decor.) Enjoy your new stove!

    1. Leslie, you are welcome anytime you are in New Hampshire!


  3. Our stories are sooo similar! Love your woodburning stove and ours too! We've heated with wood now for about 15+ years and I wouldn't be without one now! Yours & your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You've made me want to share about mine. LOL {HUGS!}

  4. We have one too! Love it on really, really cold days, we only used it once last winter because it was a mild one!

  5. The woodburning stove fits perfectly in that room. Not only are they so pretty to look at, but pretty on the wallet as well! I think you are going to enjoy this winter! Love the wood caddy. Diane

  6. Don't you love it when you get a good deal on something you need! Your room looks so cozy and inviting with your wood stove.
    Mary Alice

  7. Your home looks beautiful and now it looks warm and comfy! sandie

  8. Great deal on your wood stove. We've been thinking about putting a wood stove insert in our fireplace. Your room is looks so inviting and comfy.

  9. We have used a wood stove in our little house around 30 years now! We can get bundles of wood for $15.00 a piece and it takes 4 bundles to last us through the winter. Can't get much cheaper than that!! It makes a home feel so cozy and warm. I also love the fact that we don't depend on electricity to stay warm. Your home is beautiful!

  10. I don't have a woodstove but do have a wood burning fireplace. There is just something magical about the smell of wood burning!! Your room looks so warm and cozy. Enjoy the holidays!


  11. You love your stove / I love your POST about your stove. I feel all warm and toasty looking at all the pics :)

  12. As much as I hated having to go to the woodshed to get wood every winter, I miss having that wood stove heat! I wish we had one now!


  13. Oh, it looks so cozy! I want to put my feet up and just relax in your living room! That tool box is perfect for the wood. The woodstove is great. Nothing says home like a warm fire. Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

  14. I love the pellet burner we had in our old home, nothing better than a cozy fire.


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