Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I woke up this morning to a chilly house. 
 I lit a fire, made a pot of coffee,
 and curled up in a comfy chair
 for my morning devotions.

Today was supposed to be an easy day. 
 It was the last day of school
 before Thanksgiving break. 
We were having fruit salad
with our first grade buddies. 

The grocery shopping was done.

The house cleaning was done.

My daughter spilled
ALL OVER my new, white sofa!
These are the only two photos I had the presence of mind to take.  (it was much worse than this).
I've only had this sofa for like, 2 weeks.
I was just about to leave for school.
I was in a tizzy.
I was having a fit.
We pulled all the slipcovers off the sofa.
We sprayed and we scrubbed,
and we scubbed and we sprayed.
I was late for work.
My husband and daughter spent the morning washing the slipcovers, and hanging them to dry.
Usually my hubby gets the house picked up
 and the dishes done
before he leaves for work
in the afternoon.
Not today.
After washing all the slipcovers,
 he ran out to the grocery store
for a few last minute items we needed wanted. 
So this is what I came home to.
And this.
 Which overflowed to this.
 Even the table was covered in clutter.
And I am a clutter-hater.
So now, the baking will have to wait.
I have to get this place whipped into shape.
First I'll put away the groceries.
Then I'll tackle the dishes.
And clean up all the clutter.
Then those slipcovers need ironing.
Then they go back on the cushions.
And in the midst of all the chaos,
I'll count my blessings.
And realize how much I have to be grateful for.
A wonderful Savior
A husband who loves me, plus
cleans my slipcovers and shops for groceries
 My awesome kids
(even the one who drinks coffee on my white sofa)
Food to feed my family
Dirty dishes which mean my family is not hungry
A washing machine to clean my dirty slipcovers
A warm, cozy home with a new sofa
A job I can be late for
A car to drive to work in
Gas to put in my car
Health in our family, and health insurance
A family to have over for Thanksgiving
And so, so many more
Happy Thanksgiving
 to all my friends in Blogland.
And remember, count your blessings.  They are there
 if you just take the time to see them!


  1. oh my everything about this post speaks to me. Girlie, I've so been there!! What a day you've had, but you have a great attitude at the end of it all! I know you'll get things tidy and ready to bake. I love that quote and enjoyed reading your thankfulness list to the Lord.

    1. Hi Leslie, The stains all came out and the sofa looks as good as new! Groceries are put away, dishes are done - and baking is waiting until tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I admit I gasped when I read the whole coffee incident, but am so glad the stain came out. If it didn't give it a little shot of bleach. And if that doesn't work, a pretty throw would work just as well! What a day indeed you had my friend, but in the end nothing is more important than family. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Diane

    1. Hi Diane, Good thing the Shout and the bleach worked, because a throw would not have cut it. Megan had her full cup of coffee on a wooden tray that was on the ottoman. She pulled the tray and the wood caught on the fabric on the ottoman and the cup went flying. Splatters covered the sofa! But the day is over, and family is intact, and the stains came out!! Happy Thanksgiving Diane!

  3. Blessings and have a great Thanksgiving. My kids are grown so I can tell you, you will miss these days - lol - believe it or not. I think you handled things great!

  4. What a great post~count your blessings indeed! I am sorry to hear about your sofa. What a great husband you have! Have a happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to be home from teaching so I can spend time with my daughters and my family!

  5. OMG, I would've yelled some expletives!! LOL! Accidents happen but when you're in a hurry they are all the worst! Did the coffee come out? Get a travel cup so there are no more spills ;) Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

  6. The house looks GREAT! I love your comfy touch. Merry Christmas ! Happy Birthday Jesus...Lov your Sis

  7. That was me Brenda


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