Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in the Family Room

I would have to say that our family room is the
 brightest room in our home...
which is weird because it is on the shady side of the house -
the only room without a window on the sunny side.
I snapped this photo during the single moment the sun peeked
through the clouds.

And then it was overcast again.
I still think this room is a combination of bright yet cozy.
Enjoy a tour of Christmas in our family room!

White sweater pillow - Homegoods
Red sweater pillow - CVS (last Christmas)
Plaid blankets - antique shop
Sofa - Ikea

Wall art covered with gift wrap.

HOME letters - Hobby Lobby

TV Stand - Homegoods

Sparkling at night...


  1. Very cheerful! I just love your floors. We have the same IKEA sectional, except that I put a red slipcover on it for the holidays and winter months.

  2. Been enjoying your home tour, absolutely beautiful this time of year!

  3. Your family is room is so pretty:). I love the neutral tones with the pops of red. I also love the home letters.


  4. love the cozy sweater pillows..Merry Christmas Christine from Little Brags

  5. beautiful Christmas room. your home looks so warm and cozy, love it.

  6. Cute. I love it. Hopping over from French Country Cottage


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