Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays & Hurting Hearts

One of my favorite words. 
 Is there any place I would rather be? 
God has given our family this wonderful home.

We did not deserve it,
but He gave it to us in spite of ourselves.
He just loves us like that, unconditionally.

This house is not large or fancy,
in fact, it is really rather small.
My husband and I have worked hard 
to make it warm and cozy.
We add blankets to our sofas 
and light a fire in the woodstove.
We gather our family around us.
And we are sheltered here.

But I am keenly aware that not
every family shares what we have.
And I struggle to understand it all.

I go off each day not knowing what it holds.
I work at a public school with children in 
Special Education. 
 Wonderful, innocent children,
with loving families.

Most, but not all.
You learn things that pierce your heart like a knife.
Most days are tough.
Tears often fill my eyes.
Sometimes from sadness, frustration, helplessness - 
and sometimes from JOY.  
Joy in the tiny steps, the small breakthroughs.
When somehow, in some small way you make a 
difference in a little one's life.

Today was an especially tough day.
Most of the students returned to school with happy stories 
of a long weekend spent with a loving family and friends.
They shared stories of their Elf of the Shelf,
going to the parade, 
parties, play dates and fun.
But not every child had a joyful memory to share.
For some children, 
a holiday weekend is not a story to share with classmates.
I hurt for these kiddos.
They have stolen my heart.

I thank God that He has given me love and understanding
for these children. 
 My childhood was difficult too. 
 I remember crying out to God as a child in the midst of turmoil. 
I didn't understand then what I do now.
He was preparing me for such a time as this.

Christmas is not a happy time for everyone.
Look around, these children are out there,
Maybe even next door.
Some are easy to love,
some are not.
Those are the ones that probably need you the most.
Do what you can.
Do something.
I KNOW you will.

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  1. So sad:( I try to teach my son to give back and help others. We are not all so blessed. It saddens me to think that children don't get to go home to a loving family with a pretty bright Christmas tree and homemade cookies. I try to remember how blessed I am always, and to give back to those less fortunate then we are.

  2. Thank you for this reminder. l'vr also been feeling almost too blessed and want to do more for those who don't have joy like us. Yesterday as I was still trucking away at putting up Christmas (and still am) I thought to myself how I wish I knew a family that had no decorations at all. Parents with no toys to give. I have enough to share and would do it gladly! I guess I need to talk to God about this, and he'll reveal the hurting to me.
    Just now I'm thinking of my own children who didn't have fit parents at al this time last year, and this makes me weep and praise God forever!!
    May we look out for these little sad ones.

  3. I used to work in the school system too, so I know what you're talking about. God bless you for working in these children's lives and giving them some stability and love.

  4. What an admirable woman you are. Living through your own turmoil, then sticking with the kids that go through it too. We are so lucky to have teachers like you.

  5. I was an adult before I realize that not everyone had the same wonderful childhood my sibs and I had. As a society, we've gotten so far away from a life of service and all of society suffers.
    Home isn't as cozy as when Dave was alive but the animals and I still adore it.


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