Monday, October 14, 2013

Our New Puppy

There have been a lot of changes here at the Long Awaited Home.  But the biggest change is our newest family member.
Harley Quinn.

She is the cutest, most lovable thing ever!

Harley is a Siberian Husky. 
 We got her in Vermont almost 2 weeks ago.  

She is bringing so much joy to our family.


Harley actually belongs to this girl (or this girl belongs to Harley??)

Huskies are a handful. 
They need tons of attention and exercise.
This one does NOT like to be alone.  Ever.
With four adults around,
 working different shifts,
she hardly ever is. 
Good thing too.
She doesn't bark much, but she howls (and cries)
when left alone in a room.
We need to work on that some. 
She likes to chew.  A lot.
She ate her bed the first night.
But she is so trainable too.
She already sits, stays, and comes.
We hung a bell near the door and she
rings it to go out.
There is nothing like the love of a puppy!

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