Saturday, September 28, 2013

Update to My Coffee Station & 3-Tier Server

I have been loving our coffee bar since we put it in this spring.  

In July, I was planning Megan's 20th birthday dinner and decided to make a cupcake tree.  I bought a bunch of cardboard birthday items from the Martha Stewart collection at JCPenney - and even though they were on clearance, I spent a fortune.  Usually I add up my purchases so I am not surprised at the register.  But this time I was so caught up in the excitement of finding so many cute items on clearance, I didn't really figure out the cost.  So I left the store with that sick feeling in my stomach that I spent too much money.  

The next day, I was at TJMaxx and I found this 3-tiered wooden stand in the gardening section.  I loved it!  And then the wheels started spinning.  I could use this for the cupcakes, and then reuse it in my coffee station.  I decided to return all the Martha Stewart items.  (I love her, but not her prices).  

A few days later, I was in TJMaxx again, when I spotted this item on CLEARANCE.  I bought the clearance stand, and returned the original.  Have you ever done that?  

This is the coffee station (bar) currently.
(Not sure why this photo is so dark).

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  1. Yes, I have done that too. When you find something you like more then you have to make the switcheroo!

    I love everything in the picture. The coffee mugs and accessories are so cute! Love the three tiered shelf and the curtains too. :)

  2. This really is inspirational to me - I remember seeing it when you first did it, it is so nice! Such a good idea too!

  3. You have been a busy lady.....that would be exactly what I would have done!! It is perfect in the coffee station, beautiful!

  4. I always love seeing your ideas, and cozy home! I put my coffee mugs on a tall plate stand, but your arrangement here with the cart and all is darling!

  5. So lovely! I love your crate on the wall too. I think I'm going to go shop in the gardening sections from now on! :)


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