Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Welcome back y'all!  
I've missed you.

It has been a couple of months since my last blog post.
My computer was pushed to its limit. 
It was FULL of viruses, even though we had virus protection.

Brian bought me a cute little Chromebook.
It was so cute, and so little, that I couldn't read the words.
I finally figured out how to make the words bigger,
but it cuts the screen off.
So I use it for some stuff, but it just wasn't working for my blog.
Brian finally broke down and sent my laptop out to be fixed.  
I think it would have been cheaper to buy a new one.
For now, I live with this one,
and so far, it is working.
There may be a new Apple computer in my future though.
DD just got a job at Apple!

And speaking of apple, let's get back to Fall.

Behold The Long Awaited Home is all its autumn glory!
Ignore that walkway, something must be done about it.

I just love this ledge above the front door.
It is just perfect for a merry row of mini pumpkins.
I love the reflection of the sky in the window.

We have a fabulous place where we buy our mums. 
 It was a well-kept secret for several years,
and then somehow,
EvErYoNe found out about it.
The place was so crowded this Sunday.
Who told everyone?  That's what I want to know.
These giant mums are only $5.99 each.
Don't tell anyone, mkay?

This is the entrance to the mudroom.

And back to the front.

I have several new projects I have been working on.
Can't wait to show y'all.


  1. Your porch is so pretty! Glad you are able to make your computer situation work. Isn't it amazing how much we are creatures of habit when it comes to technology?

  2. Just beautiful! I love this time of year with so much colour. Your mums are gorgeous. Personally, I love your walkway the way it is. I adore the look of grass growing between cracks in patios or walkways, reminds me of an enchanted English garden. I have mine like that - on purpose! Wonderful post my friend and nice too see you back. Diane

  3. Welcome back. I love the ledge above the door also!! Ooooh, the things you can do with that!

  4. love that little ledge, and those pumpkins are perfect up there. sorry to hear about your laptop troubles.

  5. Your entrance looks so pretty! Love the color of your door, and what gorgeous mums!


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