Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things Are Getting Whiter Around Here - My Painted Dining Table

Ever since I discovered two of my favorite blogs, The Old Painted Cottage and Our Vintage Home Love, I have wanted to whiten up my home.  I love the look of white with wood.  I love neutrals and texture.  The problem was, I didn't own a single thing that was white.  I couldn't imagine ever having a white home without breaking the bank.  But I started slowly.  I will do a full post on that soon, but today I am sharing my painted dining table.  

This table, chairs, and bench are one of those cheap tables from Walmart or someplace similar.  We  bought it from the folks we bought the house from.  It was there, it fit in the space well, and I was dying to get rid of my 80's oak dining set.

Here is a before.  It looks nice, but dark.  

Here is another before.  See those red kitchen cabinets, 
they are no longer red!  But that is another post.

This vintage ironing board is gone too.
I'll show you soon.

I love the way it looks.  
Right now it may not look like it fits with the house to you,
but it is a slow transition to white.

We started by sanding the table, chairs, and bench.  We used a power sander plus did a lot of the crevices by hand.  
Then we applied 2 coats of primer.  
Next we painted 3 coats of Behr semi-gloss paint in 
Cotton Fluff.
We finished with a coat of sealer.
The can said to apply 3 coats I think.
But we got sick of painting.
We will probably live to regret it.

I haven't done anything with this wall with the wreath because 
it's coming down.

I found this rug on Craig's List.
Thirty bucks.

When I went to pick up the rug, they had these awesome pillows too.  The other one is on our bed.

I bought this shade at a yard sale for $1. 
 The light kit was $16 at Home Depot.

Posted by PicasaCome back soon to watch 
as our home lightens up!

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  1. Your table and chairs look so pretty. I noticed that the Xback on the chairs shows up so much more and it's great! It makes sense to paint things white when you have all that pretty dark woodwork. The contrast is nice.

  2. LOVE the table! The white really makes the room POP!! I love the bench seat! I've been debating one in our dining room but our table is so big and long. I'm not even sure they make a bench seat that would fit it.

  3. Love your table and chairs and also the vase you have on it. Your going about it in the right way too by getting things on craigslist and on sale. I'll be back to see what other fantastic things you have done.

  4. Amazing. What a different a coat of white paint can make. Looking forward to all the new changes! Diane

  5. Your table and chairs look great painted white. Can't wait to see the changes. I've been wanting to put more white in my home too and I'm having a hard time getting brave enough to do it.

  6. The table looks beautiful !! Love it!!


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