Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Wreaths

Today is the first day of March, and I am so ready for spring.  
Easter is in March this year,
Very early, but I'm ready.
I really wanted some Easter/spring themes wreaths for my doors,
but they are so expensive.
Even the cheapest ones are $20.
We are tightening our budget (even more than we already were)
so $40 for door decor was out of the question.

I hit the dollar store for some inspiration
and I picked up $6 worth of fake flowers 
and another $2 for ribbon.
I purchased a large ($3) and small ($2) wreath frame 
and already had wire from another project.

Then I headed out to the yard to cut some boxwood.
Ya know, I worked with what I had.

 And I made a wreath for the front door.

And the mudroom door.
(the wires and nails are from the pine garland from Christmas, I guess I should remove them)

Total cost - $13 for both.


  1. I love boxwood wreaths! and I agree with you, wreaths are super expensive. You did a great job on this one:)

  2. I wish I had boxwood here in my yard! I love your wreath. working with what you already had is a great way to save's looks wonderful. don' t you love what the dollar tree can offer? I know I do!

  3. I couldn't believe your post. I just went shopping for a Forsythia wreath....$40.00! Even with a coupon...I wasn't spending $20.00 for a wreath. I bought a grapevine wreath and wired a forsythia garland that was on sale on it....It isn't perfect...but for less than $10.00....I'll take it!
    Your wreath is very very did way better than me!

  4. Right, that does it! I am off to search for some pretty things to make a wreath in our local outdoor environment! Really beautiful photos and a lovely wreath, I think the bow is the finishing touch for me! :)

  5. Just beautiful! Love the look!

  6. Beautiful wreath! Nothing beats natural boxwood. Such a cute invitation to Spring!

  7. Beautiful! You did a great job! I love boxwood.


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