Monday, March 25, 2013

Bowl Full of Spring for Easter

I found a large wooden bowl at Goodwill for $3,
and right away I knew I would fill it with flowers.

And fill it I did.

This was actually quite a splurge for me
since my hubby and I have decided to stop spending money

on anything except necessities. 

Whoever said flowers are not a necessity?

It's big,  It's bold.  It's over the top.
And I love it!

Outside, there is snow on the ground,
but on my table
it is S-P-R-I-N-G!

For Easter, I made a sign using some leftover Mod Podge.
I found a free printable 
(I can't remember what blog I found it on, but if it is yours please let me know to give you credit).
and podged it onto wood from a pallet.

I blew out an egg and tried some mod podging it too.
Not sure if I like it,
but I'm going to do more later this week.

After Easter, I will remove the sign and egg, 
and I will have a spring display.


  1. So pretty! Reminds me of Spring for sure.. we just got snow here in MD:( hoping the weather breaks soon.

  2. Well worth the $$. Love the flowers. Your display is beautiful and perfect for Easter! I'm heading north for Easter. Praying not to see any white stuff, but considering we had snow flurries in NC today, it's not looking real good for me. Hoping your Easter is blessed, and the Easter bunny leaves chocolate, of course.

  3. Beautiful bowl with pretty flowers!!

  4. Very pretty. Good deal on the bowl it is awesome, especially with the flowers. Love the Easter display. Have a great Easter my friend. Diane

  5. Very pretty! Like the egg and the sign!!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love all the birght colors in the flowers, and the sign is not only cute but so meaningful. What a pop of spring for your home! You always have welcoming things to share on your blog that's really inspiring!

  7. What a pretty arrangement! I love your sign!


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