Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Gallery Wall

 For Valentine's Day, my husband gave me 2 gallons of Moonlight White paint and various painting supplies,
along with the promise to paint the stairway walls.
Now that may not sound very romantic to you,
but to this girl, 
Hubby earned major points.

I have been dying to paint these dark walls 
to brighten things up a bit.

 The problem was, 
we didn't have a ladder that would reach the high places.
But Brian and my son Daniel figured it out.

And got the job done.

They knew I wanted to do a gallery style photo wall here.
 I had to do it on a budget so I used mostly frames I already had.
I did make a few purchases from Homegoods and TJ Maxx,
(mostly clearance items).

I painted some of the frames that didn't work well with Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot.

I also changed the inside of the frames 
to go with a neutral color scheme.

I even purchased a few frames from Dollar Tree.

To keep things cohesive
the frames needed to have a gold tone.

There is no theme to the photos,
I just chose my favorites.

Most folks would plan the wall out,
but I just starting adding photos like a puzzle.

every morning when I wake up and walk out of our bedroom,
I see THIS.

Puts a smile on my face every morning.

Jennifer Rizzo


  1. The metallic paint sure looks great..that must have taken a long time to put all those frames up...good job

  2. Wonderful job!!! I love it so much! I also have a few picture frames going up the stairs. I love the feel of family being around. :)

  3. That looks wonderful! It really lightened and refreshed your staircase. You have such a pretty home.


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