Monday, July 30, 2012

Life at Home

The new house is coming along nicely.  It is a lot of hard work, but work that I love.  There are always problems with old houses, and ours has its share.  The electrical system needs to be updated, and my son (who has a loft apartment over the barn) keeps tripping a breaker.  He has not overloaded anything, the current panel (?) is just not big enough for the house plus the apartment.  So this morning, he came over for a shower before work.  Even on hot days a cold shower is no fun.

We also had a huge tractory backhoe type thing in our yard for a week.   I kind of miss it now.  This was because the septic system had a crack and the whole thing needed to be fixed.  Thank God it was discovered before we moved in.  

We (ok, Brian) had to dig 3 large holes because they had to pull up 3 boxwoods in there area of the leach field,  and I didn't want to lose them.

We have now finished weeding and edging 3 perennial beds.  The 3 small ones.   After we finished weeding and uprooting all the bittersweet, there was not much left - only a lone hollyberry bush, and two spirea.  We edged it and then lined it with bricks from the dwindling brick pile.   There was a lot of dirt to look at.  So with a very small stash of cash, I headed to a local flower farm where they had some great deals.  I bought some annuals.  They were having a HUGE sale so I got 6 Rudbeckia for $2.15 each, and 6 red Supertunias for $0.49 each. 

 The house stuff had to go on hold for a couple of weeks.  Our church had VBS, and Brian and I built a Snack Shack and a Lifeguard Chair.  I was also the game coordinator, and I had a lot to organize and purchase.  Usually, I am very organized and have everything done way ahead of time, but this summer is definately an exception.  I am letting God organize my days, and trusting in Him that I can accomplish what He has called me to do!

I had a great week at VBS.  And I did ok as the Game Coordinator.  The kids seemed to like any game that got them wet.

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