Monday, July 9, 2012

Blessings, Back Pain & Broken Air Conditioners

Yesterday I woke up and my lower back was really bothering me.  Between moving, cleaning, painting, weeding, and edging, not to mention my summer job as a server at Cracker Barrel, my back has really taken a hit.  This morning it is not any better.  It feels as though it is having back spasms.  I'm a little worried, I need the income from this job, and this house needs a lot of work too. 

While I was working at Cracker Barrel I got a text from Brian.  He was trying to move an air conditioner in an upstairs window and he dropped it - out the window - and onto the air conditioner in the window below!  We are now out 2 air conditioners.  Someday we will laugh about this......right? 

I think God may be trying to reach us.  "You are working too hard, doing too much,"  He has given us such a gift with this house.  It could not be more ideal for our family.  I love old houses, and I got one.  182 years old to be exact.  It has gorgeous wide pine floors, in almost every room including the bathrooms.  There are old exposed beams in the walls.  It has a mudroom - doesn't everyone love a mudroom?  We really need this one since our driveway is dirt.  I want to put down some small pebbles, Brian wants to pave it.  I think I will win that one.

 From the mudroom, you enter the light-filled kitchen.  I love this kitchen.  Of course there are some changes I want to make, but nothing big.  I want to add a pantry next to the fridge, paint the cabinets, install some shelves, and change the countertops.  Oh, and I need a new dishwasher (broken)and microwave (there isn't one).  Wow, that list sounds much bigger than I thought.  There is a half bath with the washer & dryer off the kitchen.

Next is the dining room, then the entry hall and stairs, and finally the living room which sort of curves around into a small office. 

In another direction off of the dining room is a room we call the Sun Room (or Son Room).  We like to pray and read our Bibles in this room.  Here there are 2 chairs (His & Hers) with ottomans and the tv.  There are only 2 windows, but it is very light and bright. 

Upstairs is the Master Bedroom with a huge closet, and a Jack & Jill Bathroom we share with our daughter Megan.
Down the hall is Megan's Suite.  You walk into her Sitting Room and can look into her Attic Bedroom.  This is perfect for an 18 year old attending Community College and working as a nanny.  She has plenty of space and privacy.
She wanted stripes, and she got them.

I can't wait to do a post on each room.  Right now I'm off to get my expired license much to do, so little time!



  1. Yikes! Your home makes up for it though. What a great design and I love the wood staircase.

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  3. Tell him about the AC Safety Net. Helps keep them from falling out a window when you are installing it or removing it. I found them last summer and it worked

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