Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quieting the Living Room for the Warmer Months

Spring was in the air.  
The faux fur pillows and knit throws were packed away for the cooler months which seemed so far away.  Today we are back to winter weather here in New Hampshire.  Northern NH is getting snow, we are hoping for a cold rain further south.  Since I can't work in the yard, I thought I would show you our living room lightened up for the spring and summer months.  

I like to keep things neutral with just a few hints of green here and there.  This draws the eye to the view out the windows which is just starting to green up.


 This back wall was quieted by removing most of the things that were hanging there.  We used stove blackening on the wood stove and it worked better than I hoped. 



 I used one of the old windows I found on the side of the road to make this lyric sign.  I painted the glass with leftover primer and paint.  Then used a metallic sharpie to stencil the words.  Total cost was $3 for the sharpie.  (I "borrowed" the idea for the sign from The House of Belonging).

 Buffalo check pillows are from Target.

This room is so calm and serene.  I love that there is no tv in here.

This is my favorite reading spot.

 Now I'm just wondering if April is too early to pack away the warm blankets. 


  1. So very pretty. Light and fresh!
    I took ours off the sofa but placed them in a crate not too far away. Even though we live in Florida, it's the North Central part and it can still get chilly at nights. But like you, I too have switched out the pillows and the d├ęcor to a lighter fresher feel.

  2. Oh, love your calm and pretty room!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love the light, bright, ethereal feeling of the room.

  4. Love how fresh and bright this room is. How do you keep your white sofa clean? I would love one but there's no way it would stay looking that crisp, unless i covered it in plastic wrap!

    1. Sophie, I wash and bleach the white slipcover every couple of months, but after 5 years it is starting to look a little dingy. This sofa gets a ton of use plus we have two huskies. When I tried to order a replacement cover, I found out that Ikea has discontinued the Blekinge white. They have a new white but it is double the price of the original. They have a new light beige color for $99 so we purchased that for the sectional instead. We are very happy with it and for some reason dog fur does not cling to this fabric the way it did to the old slipcover fabric which is a huge plus.


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