Friday, June 27, 2014

White and Wood Family Room

I have made some subtle changes to the family room.  It is now a completely neutral room.  I just love the white and wood combination.

One of the main changes was to change the pictures on the walls.  We had prints of flowers that had reds and yellows bought years ago, probably from Homegoods.  The prints were in these frames, and I wanted to save the frames.  The problem was, the pictures were mass produced, and glued and stapled into the frames.  I ended up breaking the glass on one, so I discarded the glass on the other.

I painted the border white and had old photos enlarged and printed in Sepia horizontally.  

I turned one of the end tables the long way.

Another small change is the pillows I found at Homegoods.  I splurged on the woven-burlap pillows, and found the leather-look pillows in the clearance section.

I picked up these hats at Goodwill and Dollar Tree.

Oh yeah.  This...
the smallest room with the biggest tv ever.

If you ignore the big black elephant in the room, the rest looks like this...

and this...

Feels like HOME.


  1. The room looks beautiful! So nice to see you again. I missed your blog.

  2. So very pretty!!! Love it! Have a great week!

  3. Love the pictures you posted with the gray sofa and they are lovely! I think gray would be a good choice too, especially if you "live" in that room. I'm sure whatever you decide will look beautiful:

  4. Really love your room. I like white and wood together, too. It's almost a Scandinavian thing, don't you think? Your floor is gorgeous, and I like that it is bare. The photos you printed in sepia and framed are perfect for this room. I found your blog on Poofing the Pillows and am a new follower. I'm off now to explore more of your blog. xxx ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

  5. Lovely post here! I adore this room and the sunlight is perfect too! I have a thing for sepia photos too. Love the look! I hope you keep blogging. Plan to stop by again :)

  6. lovin the frames you created....super cozy room!!


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