Friday, June 7, 2013

The Long Awaited Home Summer Home Tour

 Welcome to The Long Awaited Home
Summer Home Tour

I planted a few annuals in the pouring rain today

Some herbs waiting to be planted

There we go.  
We made this planter from a pallet. 
 I will probably allow it to weather on its own.

Mini garden planted last weekend 

Perennials in bloom in June

Come on in!

The Kitchen

The coffee bar

The mudroom is through this door.  
We haven't done anything with it yet.

Back to the kitchen

Dining Room


Living Room

The office

TV Room

Stairway Gallery Wall

Master Bedroom


Megan's Room

Half-bath/Laundry Room

Loft Apartment over the garage
(where my 21 year old son resides)


  1. Oh your home is wonderful. I love the orange bedroom and the ironing board!

  2. Gloria, your home is amazing! I'm trying to remember how long you've been there but it hasn't been that long...has it? Everything looks so perfect already. And let me just say that I wish we had a garage apartment for our 21 year old to reside in. :)

  3. Love it!

    I love the bottles hanging on twine from the ladder, so charming.

  4. Wow! Your home tour is lovely. Again, I am drooling over your gorgeous floors!

  5. I love your home! It seems so warm and welcoming. I especially love the way you have decorated your master bedroom. I grew up in Newport N.H. but now live in Georgia. What area of N.H. are you from? Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and have a wonderful and blessed weekend :)
    Kelly Palmer

  6. I love your home. The things I notice are that it is a home for living in - a "cozy home", a "family" home", not "overly decorated". Just perfect. I can actually see myself living there and not being afraid I would mess something up. Thank you so much for sharing. I see many things I am going to try to incorporate into my home.

  7. Love your home....the hanging lantern in Megans room..what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing....Christine from Little Brags.

  8. Cozy!!! Love your home!!! :)

  9. You have a beautiful home! How cool that your son has his own little "apartment" - love it!

  10. Your home is amazing and I can see why you are so proud of it. Just gorgeous.

    I especially like the picture wall going up the stairs. I have always wanted one of those. I like the horseshoe too, but being a country gal we were always taught never to hang a horseshoe upside down as then all the "luck" it gives would fall out. I know it is just a silly superstition and really I don't so much believe and luck as my Faith holds me true, but I just can't look at an upside horseshoe and think "Um. Nope."

    And the orange bedroom at the top? If you find my daughter on your front steps, please send her home. She is coveting it SO much. I can see why.

    Congratulations on your beautiful home.


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