Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Changes to the Living Room

 I made a couple of small changes to the living room.  I am trying to lighten it up for the summer.  I found these great lamps at Cracker Barrel for 40% off, plus I was able to use my employee discount.  I love the texture they bring to the room.  I threw an old coffee sack over this chair.  I really want to replace this chair with a creamy white one, but I will probably settle for a chair cover if I can find one.

I think it is time to take that spring banner down.

This old Coke crate is from a yard sale - $5.  It makes a perfect magazine holder.

I shopped the house and borrowed these pillows from the tv room.

Eventually I will paint this room white and add more white wherever I can.  


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  1. love how you draped the burlap sack over the chair...great idea..Christine from http://littlebrags.blogspot.com


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