Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yard Sale and Poison Ivy

This week I've been on April vacation from school.  
It has been a working vacation as we had (have) tons of
yard work to do.  We started cleaning out the many overgrown
beds of perennials on the property.
Apparently one of those beds was a bed of poison ivy.
I am covered.
I'll spare you the photo.

One of the fun things I did is go yardsaling.
I found these two great baskets for $3 each.

 The first basket is a fishermen's basket (I think).

The second is a large picnic type basket with a 
metal top and handles.

I am so glad it is yard sale season again!


  1. oh no! Sorry to hear about the poison. That sucks:(

  2. Love your new baskets they will both come in handy. Here is my poison ivy cure, that works every time. Give it a try!!

  3. Gloria,
    Great deal on both of those baskets. Come by today and grab my featured button for your have been featured at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY!!!



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