Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

Yesterday our family spent the day in Boston.

We went to the Red Sox game.

And then walked around Boston seeing the sights.

And here is Boston today.
A tragic end to the Boston Marathon.
My heart is broken.
For the people killed and injured.
For Boston.
For our country.


  1. It's a very sad day for Boston and for America. It makes us feel that nowhere is safe.

  2. I think many Americans are just sick about this. I know I can't believe something horrible like this is happening again.

  3. All that I can say is, WHY!
    Why do people do such horrible things, to other people? What could they possibly be thinking?
    Boston and all of her people are in my prayers.

  4. This is devastating! I love Boston. It is a beautiful place, with so many good memories for my family. I am praying.


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