Monday, January 21, 2013

Boxwood Around the House

It is the middle of January and the house is feeling a little dreary.
The place needs a little zing, and my budget is zilch.

After making a boxwood wreath,
I decided to fill some bottles with boxwood as well.
This inspired me to try a woodland theme for the
top of my hutch.

I placed a Christmas tree stump and a squirrel ornament on a cake stand.  I added a couple pinecones and an artificial flower,
and topped this with a cloche.

Sprigs of boxwood made a nest for my cardinal
salt and pepper shakers.


I don't mind using some artificial flowers
if they are combined with live greens.
I think this was the perfect touch to brighten up the kitchen.

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  1. That is the perfect touch. It is just a darling look, and great way to decorate for free:)

  2. So pretty and using no kind of decorating!!

  3. I like it! Boxwood is perfect and I love the way you pulled out your birds and that adorable little squirrel. It's fun to see what you can put together without spending.

  4. So pretty! I love your hutch. And that squirrel is the cutest thing! :)


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