Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good-bye Christmas 2012

Hello again blog.
Somehow, I took an unplanned break.

No, nothing really broke,
I just got busy...
doing nothing.

Except of course 
dealing with all the flotsam and jetsam 
of the Christmas season.

And all the little reminders that Christmas was here.

 She almost lived to tell about it.

The dining room table.

I stared helplessly for a while. 

Finally, I got to work.

And if you will indulge me 
just a little
I will post some Christmas photos for the 
LAST time.

You see, I got a new camera for Christmas.
And I like these photos 
so much more than the old ones.  

 First, we got some Christmas snow.....

and along with the pine needles, it's sticking around.

Yeah, I have a dirt driveway.

So come in one last time....

 As I bid good-bye to Christmas 2012.
She was a good one.
I sure did hate to see her go.
Except for the pine needles.

Who are over staying their welcome.

Good-bye cute Christmas towels,

 and pretty Christmas dishes....


 but not you pretty ones, I
  get to keep you out all year!

 Good-bye trucks,


 and red long-johns,

 Good-bye... oh, that's my car, I still need that.

 And that's my daughter, I'll keep her too!

And so I say "so long Christmas" instead of goodbye!

"See you again, same time next year!"


  1. Your daughter is beautiful- and has beautiful sock too!!

  2. My house looked like this up until yesterday. Most everything is stored away for another year now. It's always sad for Christmas to end for me. The good thing about all those pine needles, they keep the Christmas fragrance in the house for a while longer. Love your photos, I got a new camera too when my old broke on Christmas Eve! Happy New Year!

    The French Hutch

  3. Noticed 2 Hondas in your post. My husband works(for the last 24 years) at the Honda plant here in Ontario. That civic would have been made there. Thanks for supporting us!!! :)

    Your home looks so warm and inviting.

  4. Love your sweet home. I am envious of all your snow, as we barely have had any here in the midwest. Christmas came and went too fast this year. Its always so fun putting up the decorations as they add extra cheer, warmth, and charm to our homes. Its always bittersweet though when they have to be tucked away. Don't envy all the pine mess as we have a fake tree, though I am sure it smelled wonderful during the holiday. I don't have a blog but love all you gals that share and inspire.

    Debra from the Midwest


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