Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 Through my incessant blog stalking, I was inspired to make a Christmas sign to go over my front door.
Now, there are some pretty good signmakers out there (The House of Belonging for one).
I am not one of them.

I am not naturally a crafty gal.
I am mostly a gal who is pretty good
at faking being crafty.

Most people who know me would tell you
I am creative.  

Truth is, my work is as slipshod as it gets.

Still, I try.

Case in point:

I found a piece of wood, just lying around.
I gathered some craft paints I had on hand.
 And the stencils I had used for my daughter's birthday banner.
I wracked my brain
for something witty to put on my sign. 
This is what I came up with. 
I think it shrunk.
 Ok, so this was just my failure practice sign, before I do the real one I have planned for this spot.
Anyone want to buy a very small  Christmas sign? 
It might fit on a dog house.
In other news, I finally finished the mudroom door.
 Merry CHRISTmas!
shabby creek cottageSongbird


  1. Cute door, and all its decor. Your sign is adorable. Love all the molding you have around the entrance.

  2. I think the sign is cute. The fun thing about crafts is they don't have to be perfect:) I can't tell you how many projects I've failed on. Miserably.

  3. Oh! Your home looks beautiful!!! And the sign is a perfect touch. Love!

  4. I think it looks great and you should be proud that you made it. I'm always seeing craft projects that people do and thinking maybe I could do that. Never do though because I'm afraid it will be bad. You go girl!

  5. I love your sign...it's looks good above the door. The outside of your home looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas!!

  6. I am so in love with your home! We definately have the same taste so this is my kind of perfect! In 6 years my hubs will be retiring from the miliary then we too, can have our long awaited home :) In the meantime, we will continue moving and just enjoy the "home" that the Army sends us to!

  7. Your sign is adorable. Just move it to the sled so there is a better size ratio. Marilyn in E-TN

  8. It is cute! We all have trial versions lying around from crafts that didn't quite work out in the first round.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  9. You know what, the sign attracts the person walking or driving by, truly. The red and the word, which is so dear to our hearts rings above your doorway.

  10. Just looking thru your blog & loving it. I think your Christmas sign is very cute & you know, the size might be perfect if you put it on the mudroom door -- not over it but on the panel below the window. Center it & it would be great! That even might work on the front door underneath the wreath. Since eventually it will be time for Christmas-ing up the houses again, just a suggestion.


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