Monday, October 29, 2012


I am sitting in my warm, dry cozy home, watching the effects of Hurricane Sandy outside my window. 

Yesterday we prepared for the worst.

The wood stove is ready to go.

We have wood aplenty.

Kindling too.

Buckets are filled with water.

Flashlights and radios are ready.

I always have lots of candles


Cell phones are charged.

We made good food.
And we have plenty of Halloween candy since trick-or-treating will be canceled for the second year in a row.  Last year we had a blizzard.
I have a great selection of magazines and catalogs at the ready.
Two of our family's 4 cars are safely tucked in the garage.

The flowers are still blooming.

Last night we were having a great time, hanging out and joking around after all the preparations.

This was the view from my front door this morning.

And at 3pm.

My daughter and her boyfriend went out to breakfast.


But this storm is no joke.

We are still very far from the storm, but there is already damage here.  We are about to lose our power, I can't believe it has not gone out already. 

We have several tree limbs down so far, but on my way back from a doctor's appointment I saw large trees down blocking roads.

Our above ground pool (that I always called an eyesore) has blown over, and I'm afraid it will blow into the road.  My hubby is at work 45 minutes away.   Now I realize why people should not be out driving or walking. 

We have one of those cool sliding barn doors on our shed, and it is in danger of snapping off.

I cannot imagine what the folks in New Jersey and New York are feeling right now.  We are only on the edge of this storm, and it is SCARY.

My prayers go out to everyone experiencing this horrific hurricane.  My God bless you and keep you safe.

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  1. We are under high wind warnings here in Ohio. I've been praying for everyone that has been affected by this storm.
    Hope you stayed safe.


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