Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well, yesterday was sure an interesting day in the neighborhood.  At about 6:20, I locked myself out of the house.

Brian was working, Daniel was in Boston for the night, and Megan had just left for kickboxing. 

Lucky for me, Dan lives 20 steps away.  And his place was open.

Unlucky for me, I had dinner cooking on the stove.

Don't ask.
So I headed up to Dan's loft.
I couldn't figure out how to turn on his
 monster tv set.
But I found his Macbook.  I figured I spend the next hour and a half curled up on this sofa perusing my favorite blogs.
All of a sudden, the building started to shake. 
The guitar on the wall sounded like someone was strumming it.
I actually thought it was a plane overhead.  Then I thought it was a plane landing in my yard.
I ran to the window to see what it was.
It was over as quickly as it started.  And it still didn't occur to me that it was an earthquake.
I checked Facebook and saw all the posts about an earthquake.
Light dawned on marble head.
 (I don't know if this is an expression known around the country, or just the Boston area, but it means I just understood the obvious).
This made me chuckle:


  1. We had one in Montreal last week - same magnitude - at midnight - I thought it was a train ( I live near tracks ) passing except they never run at night - and then thought it was going to come through my window lol - never
    heard that expression but love it -

    1. Glad we survived it Suzan! Haha, I think the folks in California are laughing at us again!


  2. We were shaking down here on the North Shore too! I had to comment on your Light Dawns quote as I say it ALL the time and don't think people get it. Nice to see it somewhere else :)

    1. Hi Karen,

      My family lives in Gloucester and they felt it too. So glad someone got it!


  3. You know we lived in Oklahoma for 23 years. Last fall we had several little earthquakes like you are talking about. It's weird and very fast, like you said. Scary!


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