Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Snow Day

Is there anything better than an unexpected day off before Christmas. I for one, love that 5:00am phone call. I took these photos just as it started snowing. It's going to snow all day and we're expecting 
up to 6 inches. Brian and I spent the morning finishing up our outdoor decor. With the exception of the window boxes, the outside has been decorated for weeks, but it's always fun to tweak it a little.

 I've been wanting window boxes and Brian made these for me this year. I couldn't wait to get out into the woods to gather greens, berries and pinecones to fill them with. 

I love to fill anything I can with evergreens. This is our cute little mudroom.

I filled this wagon haphazardly with greens. 
I'm going for that wild look.

Last Christmas, Brian made this birch star for the shed.

I love using vintage sleds, skis, snowshoes, ice skates and lanterns outside.

I found these vintage wool camp blankets a few years ago for $5 each.

Stick a tree in an old bucket and call it a decoration.
We found this old metal bucket on July 4 on one of our weekend trips to Vermont. It was a buck.

These old skates were a gift from my neighbor.

Harley Quinn


She's such a poser.

That look you get when you make your snow dogs come inside.

Snow days are for baking those meals you don't cook on regular days.
Chicken Cordon Bleu


  1. Looks like the best day ever! Thanks for sharing your outdoor decor/snow pictures. I'm from the Midwest but live in the Pacific Northwest now, and the region has almost no colonial style architecture, and very little snow or outdoor Christmas decor. I miss all those things!

  2. I love your home and the way that you have decorated it . The snow fall just makes everything even more beautiful! Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New year.

  3. Soooooo beautiful! Looks like a scene from a Hallmark Christmas movie.... Thank you for sharing!!! Merry Christmas

  4. So pretty! I love the photo from inside the window with the greenery of the window box in view and your beautiful dog peering toward the window from outside. Alexine


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