Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where to Put All the Extra "Stuff"

One of the keys to keeping an older home with small rooms clutter-free is to get creative with storage solutions. I don't like seeing piles anywhere in sight, so I like to have a home for everything. 

Old homes are famous for the lack of closet space and this one is no exception. We solved the dilemma of where to keep all the "stuff" I don't want out but don't have another spot for by using an armoire. We found this one on Craigslist for $100.

It's nothing to look at inside. I don't use cute matching baskets and jars to store things. I just use whatever I have that works. Maybe someday I'll make it pretty, but for now it just has to be functional.

So, what's in here anyway?

On the top shelf are mostly office things. 
Extra lint rollers, cards, large envelopes, file folders, a basket filled with mailing tape, push pins, markers, etc., a basket containing window candles, and puzzles.

The next shelf has craft supplies, tools, batteries, tea lights, and light bulbs.

The third shelf down has weather proofing items, large tupperware type containers, plastic outdoor dishes, and the Instant Pot. 
(there is no room in the kitchen, but I'm still decluttering in there so there's hope).

Below that is a DVR player we seldom use, dog pads, flashlights and an emergency radio, eyeglass cleaner and clothes, trash bags, and the straw container I may or may not ever use again. 
Behind all that is the griddle and some foil pans.

On the very bottom is a fire extinguisher, a basket of cookie cutters for every holiday, thermoses, the dust buster and its accessories.

Finally, there are 3 large, plastic tubs. They contain candles, various mason jars, and extra table runners and chair pads.

And finally, that little drawer in the middle holds small bulbs for the window candles and tart burners along with scented wax tarts.

So there's where we keep all that extra stuff that we use often, but have no other place for.  It's within easy reach and we can just close the door to hide it all. 

Where do you store all the extras?  I'd love to hear your creative ideas.


  1. We have added a few tall storage cupboards in different rooms of our home for storage. They work well. The armoire you found is beautiful.

  2. That is a really pretty piece of furniture!!! What a great idea for storage !!

  3. I love your blog set up but the words run into the tan on the left and with the lettering being in tan it is unreadable. Hope to be able to follow you more. Have a good day.

    1. Cathy, thank you for letting me know this. Can I ask you what you are reading the blog on (phone, ipad, computer)? It doesn't appear that way on my computer so I'm confused why this is happening. I'll try to figure it out ASAP!
      Warmly, Gloria


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