Friday, September 15, 2017

Decorating for Fall with Neutrals

The pre-fall weather has been incredibly warm and sunny in New Hampshire. It is a lovely gift considering so many parts are the country are experiencing extreme and devastating weather right now. We take it while we can, knowing there is a long winter ahead of us. Today I'm showing you all our living room decorated for fall.

I am loving the cozy simplicity in this room right now. My seasonal decor doesn't change much from year to year. I reuse what I have, moving things around a bit. I usually add a new piece or two while getting rid of anything I don't love or have a place for.  (I didn't realize I had the date stamp on until I downloaded all the photos I took - ugh).

 Last fall, I had to replace the white slipcover on our Ikea sectional sofa in the tv room. When I learned the white cover had doubled in price, I decided to go with the Lofallet beige that was much less expensive.

 We also have an Ikea sofa and chair in our living room. The white covers were still in good condition because we don't use this room as much as the tv room, so I didn't replace them. Then the beige slipcovers were offered at a price so cheap I decided to buy a back-up for this room. They stayed in the package all summer, then I broke them out for fall. I love them just as much in this room. The beige seems to work so much better with our pillows and blankets, stays cleaner, repels dog fur, and is much easier to deal with when replacing after washing.

Since I add pops of orange and other fall colors to the tv room, dining room and kitchen, I like to keep a few rooms neutral. I feel much calmer and less stressed in these rooms. Pops of color over-stimulate me - lol!

To change this room over to fall I changed out the wreath on the mirror, changed the slipcovers and curtains from white to beige, switched out the cooler and lighter spring/summer pillows to warmer, cozier fall ones, added a couple of white pumpkins, and stuck some dried wheat and faux leaves in old vases and jars. 

In place of color, I like a lot of texture.

Soon it will be cold enough for a fire.


  1. It looks lovely! You made me laugh with the comment about pops of color. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vee! I hope you are enjoying this warm fall weather! Get ready for the rain though, it's coming!
      Warmly, Gloria

  2. Your home looks so comfy~ Thanks for sharing!


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