Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The End of the Rainbow

It has been cold, rainy, warm, sunny, record-breaking hot (in the 90s), and back to the 40s & 50s again.  Oh, lovely spring!  I'll take it all.  I really love all weather, from thunderstorms to blizzards, and everything in between.  

Brian and I have spent hours outside, working on the property, preparing for summer, and finishing many projects.  We spend our days edging garden beds, dividing perennials, spreading bark mulch, and pruning dead wood.  We put up our screen house, put out our patio furniture, and filled our container planters and window boxes.  We sit in the shade with the dogs, sipping lemonade, and making plans.  Plans for our home, plans for day trips and get-aways, plans for dinner.  We decide what kind of pizza to order for pizza night (the toppings vary, but it is always ordered crispy).  

My favorite nights are the rare times we linger at the table, long after dinner is done when most of the grown kids are here. We talk and laugh, and enjoy each other's company.  Sunday night we enjoyed steak, baked potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and Caesar salad.  Our daughter was home from her weekend with the Air Force, her boyfriend was home for the weekend from the Police Academy, one of our sons was home from a new job and sometimes everything just works.  It was one of those magical nights (and not a single photo).  

I have mostly been avoiding the news.  The negativity is too much to bear.  I received the alert about the terrorist attack in Manchester England last night, and so tonight I am watching the news coverage.  My heart is broken.


  1. Your home looks summer ready!

    I know you savored your time with family. So sad about the terrorism. It's heartbreaking.

  2. You have such beautiful shots of the rainbow and sunset. What gorgeous pets you have, I could hug them they look so sweet. They definitely look like they have been spoiled and I am sure they are. I love dogs.
    Your home is beautiul and nice rock wall to your out building.
    I have been avoiding the news now too. To much gossip on these so called news programs. Manchester England - tragic, don't know how else to put it. I just can't get over someone hurting people like that, awful!
    So wonderful you had a good time with your children and the dinner sounds so good and I am sure it was.
    Happy Weekend


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