Saturday, April 1, 2017

Decorating for Easter

The Easter decorations have finally made their appearance.  I have resisted decorating for spring because it is just so darn cold around here, and the snow never stops.  As I took these photos today we are experiencing yet another snowstorm.  We have well over a foot of the heavy, wet stuff which proved too much for our snow blower for the second time this year.  The wood stove is working overtime and the dogs are in husky heaven.

I decided to compromise, and keep out most of the winter pillows and throws, but add in a few of the spring pillows and linens. 

It's all about balance.

I never realized how many bunnies we had until this post.  They're everywhere.

Winter and spring can live happily together here.

These knit blankets, sweater pillows, and fur
 throws will probably be around until June.

Here's what it looks like outside right now.

No April Fools.


  1. You have a beautifully decorated home. Everything is so festive , love your style.

  2. Your house is beautiful and adorable! I especially love your coffee/cocoa station, bunny table runner and your "How He Loves" lyric sign. Those are such great words.

  3. I really like your little home I have a little on too. I was going to subscribe to your blog but couldn't find a place to do so. If you do take subscriptions please add me to your list.

  4. Your home are so cozy and beautiful I love all your Easter decoration around your house
    Happy Easter

  5. I love the table runner and the bunny pillow the best! I think your spring touches are just right! It is spring - inspite of your snow!

  6. Beautifully done! I have in my apartment some of the things you have used, like the bunny pillow on the bench beside the gingham beige one. :) I think we like similar things/styles. And I love the Lord, too. Your home looks very pretty, and I am definitely going to look back with the seasons and holidays to see what you are doing in it. :)

  7. Nice images. I just love watching all of these images. Great looking decorating for Easter you've done. That last image in the snow with dog is my favorite. Cowhide rug guy

  8. Soo glad you found my blog and left a comment so I could find you! Your home is beautiful, but I am wondering where you live with all that snow? I am guess no where near us here in so California. Lol. I really love your coco station and your little touches and glimpses of your your love for Jesus! Hope your Easter is blessed. Debbie

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