Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brimfield Fair - The Saga of the Perfect Crate

On Saturday, I spent the day at Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts. I went alone, and was probably one of the only loners there. I was on a budget, brought cash, and I was hoping to find a good deal on one of the few items I was in search of. One thing I soon realized, there are not too many bargains at Brimfield Fair. The prices seemed to be consistent with most of the antique shops in my area. I do a lot of browsing at antique shops, but do most of my shopping at yard  sales and such, and love to find something similar to an expensive antique store find for a few dollars. 

 I have a running "wish list" on Pinterest. These are items that I am keeping my eye out for at yard sales, Goodwill, Craigslist, Flea Markets, and antique shops. 
One of the items on my list was a rusty vintage stool to be used as a side table. I was lucky enough to find it at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for $5. I saw similar stools all over Brimfield Fair for $40-$90. 

Other items on the list are a vintage worn leather chair with a low back, a bookcase of the exact dimensions I need for a spot, a pantry kitchen cabinet (preferably in white) for next to the fridge, an old workbench for a coffee bar, and an extra-large vintage crate with lettering and a top to be used as a side table. I also have lots of small items I always look for as well. 

A lot of these items I have found, but the price has been too high. I'm willing to wait for a good deal or do without. 

The crate is another story. It is almost impossible to find a large crate with lettering and a top, never mind for a bargain price. When I spied this crate at Brimfield Fair this weekend it was love at first sight.

The dealer was having a personal conversation with another dealer and I waited patiently for a couple of minutes while the two dealers ignored me. I finally said excuse me to get her attention. She barely looked at me when I asked her the price of the crate. She quickly looked, quoted me $75 and turned back to her friend. 

I interrupted her conversation a second time and asked if she would take $70. She said "yes" and sounded annoyed. I started taking out the cash, and then it got weird. She finally turned and gave me her full attention and said, "wait a minute, what are you trying to buy?" I repeated "the crate", and she replied, "oh no, I can't let it go for that, I need at least $110 for that crate, I thought you were talking about the can on top". 

I was not happy with how she changed the price after I had clearly said it was the crate I was interested in, and I decided to walk away. I spent the next few hours searching the fair for a similar crate, but did not find a single one. I couldn't get that crate out of my mind. I was at the point of exhaustion, and had a 2 1/2 hour ride home ahead of me. I decided that I would regret it if I did not buy that crate since in all of my months of searching I had not seen another like it. I decided to go back and try negotiating the price if it was still there. 

 I went back to the general area and had to do a little searching to find her booth, but I finally saw it, and the crate was still there. 

I approached the woman and told her I would like to negotiate the price with her. She told me she couldn't take less than $125. What!? I firmly told her she had quoted me $110 and she argued that she had not, and then, exasperated, she said, "fine, $110 is the lowest I can go"!  I finally got it for $100. 

Did she film-flam me? I don't know> but I got the crate and I'm glad I did. A hundred bucks was all I had budgeted for spending for the day (not including food & parking), so I knew I was done. I couldn't walk another minute anyway. 

Did I do good? I just know I love it and have no regrets. Would you have bought it after that? 

And do you know what groats are? I had to look it up! I was really hoping it was nothing gross.

Just in case you are wondering...

groats are crushed grain, especially oats...whew!!!

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  1. I would have ( liked ) to say(but wouldn't ) to the lady after you paid for it what a bad sales lady she was. And was she trying to sham you?
    Of course I couldn't say that until after I loaded it LOL she would have probably mouthed a few un friendly words back to me, Just thinking out loud

    Glad you got it anyway it looks great where you have it sitting.
    I have heard Brimfield is a pricey place to shop, on the show Flea Market Flip they always show cheap items the contestants buy

    I really like your floor

    1. I definitely found Brimfield pricey (at least for someone on my budget), but it was so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have a beautiful little butter crate, but it's kind of low for anything useful.....and I'm loving your IKEA couch. I just bought one, in DENIM! Now to decorate around that one.

    1. You are going to love that Ikea sofa Karen! Enjoy the decorating!

  3. It's perfect and beautiful! Glad you went back to get it. I have regretted not getting something and want to kick myself. However, one thing I can't stand are rude people! But, I am glad you are happy!

    1. I don't like giving rude people my business, that's for sure...but this time I caved. Still have no regrets so I know I did the right thing. It's amazing that after spending the day there, I spoke with so many friendly and wonderful dealers, and there were only 2 that were rude. The one I purchased the crate from, and the other was a dealer with a beautiful booth and a shop only 20 minutes from my home that I somehow didn't even know about. I tried to carry on a conversation with the dealer when I realized how close his store was, and he was so unfriendly. Maybe it is just his nature, but it didn't make me want to visit his shop. It was a long week, so maybe they were just overtired or I caught them at a bad time, or maybe they were just rude. Nobody else was though, and I would love to go again.

  4. I have the Ikea couch too and love it! I love the box and I'm pretty sure it was meant for you, the sales person gives a bad name to other sellers! I love the rusty stool too, both look great on either side of your sofa!


    1. I really had to break up the "bookend" tables I had at either end of the sofa. I think the crate and stool accomplish that. Yeah, I think you are right - that crate and I were meant to be together :)

  5. Love your find, however I wouldn't been too happy with the sales lady. Very unprofessional and rude I think! However, I know you had your mind set on this piece so I guess I probably would have bought it too! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love your box. It was worth it when you see something and just love it. I hate when a dealer is rude and changes prices. I have had it happen and will walk away. Kind of cutting my nose off despite my face......regrets, yes I have them. You did well to swallow her rudeness. Great find!


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