Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Home Tour 2015

Some folks are calling this summer, but tonight I am enjoying the wood stove for the second time this June. School ends in 2 days and I'm looking forward to the lazy, hazy days ahead. The heavy blankets and sweater pillows are stored away safely until the fall. The house is lightened up for the summer. Welcome to the Long Awaited Home's Summer Tour 2015.

The outdoor photos were taken around Memorial Day. The inside photos were taken yesterday.

The apple trees in bloom.

The next 3 photos are the view from the kitchen window.

And back to the kitchen...

One of my favorite things 
- the coffee bar.

The hot cocoa sign is here to stay, whatever the season.

The door to the right leads to the mudroom.

And this is the mudroom 
(from the waist up)
(don't ask)

Heading back into the kitchen...

and into the dining room.

A peek into the home office.

 A slight detour into the family room.

I love going out to the yard to pick our own flowers. They really brighten up the white and wood.

It is so light and airy in here. I am still loving our IKEA Ektorp sofa. It has survived our Husky and many cups of spilled coffee and it still looks great. I would buy it again in a second.

I went in search of some large pillows and found these striped ones at Homegoods. I thought they were really fun for summer and loved the pom pom trim. Unfortunately, they are not that comfortable and don't hold up very well when we lay on them. I'm constantly poofing the pillows these days. I LOVE the look of all of these pillows, but I'm going for comfort over looks next time I buy a new pillow.

I have yet to stain the wood that replaces the old wall, but I like the wood lighter (rather than darker like the wood on the window). 

 And more of the dining room 
(at the risk of boring you to death)

The sign over the fireplace was made from an old card table I found at a yardsale. 
The fireplace surround was found for a song in an antique shop.

The "gather" banner was the easiest craft ever. 
I cut card stock into triangles, folded the end over and hot glued it to jute. The stick-on burlap letters are from Walmart, and I used a bird paper punch (purchased at Hobby Lobby) to make the birds.

Years ago Brian gave me this vintage looking radio/record player/CD player/tape player. It was a very orangy wood color, so I just painted it white (actually, Cotton Fluff by Behr).
We found the buffet at a thrift store and painted it, removed the top drawers and replaced them with baskets, and changed out the knobs.
We found the old tool box in the shed.

This cross is very special. It was part of  a flower arrangement from my mom, for my mother-in-laws funeral.

The stairs, sanded down, but still unfinished. Originally they were the same color as the door trim (still to be changed too).
Eventually I want to replace the photos with sepia toned ones and also paint all the frames the same color.

The living room has another Ikea Ektorp sofa and chair. This room has a wood stove (which we use all winter and can really make a mess) and the sofa still looks amazing.

This armoire was a Craigslist find.

Even Harley Quinn really lightened up for the summer. Her fur is bleached blond from the sun.

These pictures are of my 21 year old daughter's loft. We have a barn that was converted into a 2 car garage on the bottom with a loft apartment above. She has painted and decorated it herself (and even paid for it all). I'm one proud mama.

Megan painted the cabinets and found the mercury glass knobs at Hobby Lobby.
The yellow apron is from Destiny Rescue, an organization she is involved in that rescues children from human trafficking.

She built the headboard (along with her dad) and experimented with some different finishes. She is still deciding if she is going to flip the boards and stain the other side a different color.
Megan also built the hanging table using some jute and a wood slab cutting board (to the left). She brought in some branches from outside along with some clearance branches from after Christmas.

Megan loves to travel and loves maps.

I found these shower curtains at Homegoods for the closet (built with her dad) and surprised her with them when she returned from flight school.

Meg bought the lights from Ikea and yes - the ladder is still there in the photos.

The bar was built with leftover wood and some balusters. The stools were on clearance at Target.

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  1. Gloria, your home is beautiful! I love all the white and the flowers in the pitcher are so perfect for this time of year. Your daughters loft is so much fun too ... I can see why you are proud. ;)

    1. Thank you Stacey! I'm really enjoying watching my girl come into her own decorating style.

  2. Love all your neutrals and wood. I love the look of white and wood together, it is just so beautiful, natural and restful.
    Your house is really welcoming and beautiful, and what a neat thing to build that loft for your daughter. Now you said
    she was in flight school, is that to be a pilot or a stewardess?? She certainly has done a great job on her apt., very
    cute.............Thanks for sharing this with us........oh yea, also enjoyed seeing your pretty yard and flowers and your
    house all gussied up for Memorial Day. Delightful..........

    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thank you Nellie! I love the white and wood too. When we first moved into this house about 3 years ago it didn't look anything like it does now. I can remember when I first joined Pinterest and everything I pinned was white, neutral, wood and baskets. It didn't take long to see the style I loved, but I never thought I would achieve it, especially so soon.

      My daughter is actually in the Air Force and is an Aeromedical Evacuation Tech (she takes care of wounded soldiers on planes).


  3. I love your summer tour. It all looks so light and clean! Your New England home looks charming on the outside too. We also have the Ektorp sectional and just love it. It provides just the seating we need in our tiny townhouse living area. I have the red slipcover I put on in the late fall, which is so cheerful for the holidays too. I love to change up the look, and I just wish they had to other selections--a toile slipcover and a light blue-striped one. A girl can dream! (Also have the Ektorp Jenny Lund chair)

    Your daughter's apt. is amazing.

    1. We needed a sofa that offered lots of seating for our small family room and this sofa is perfect. I love adding red at Christmas time. I would love a light blue or tan striped cover too! Maybe Ikea will catch on and offer more choices. Thanks for stopping by Isabella!


  4. I just love your house and really enjoyed your tour. Your daughter has clearly inherited her mother's talent for decorating!

    1. Thank you Ellen! It is fun to share our love of decorating.

  5. I am loving your home! The curb appeal is outstanding. I love the wide planked floors, fresh white decor, wooden newel post and railings, and that sweet, blue-eyed puppy!! It's just beautiful:)

    1. I think my blue-eyed pup really completes our home Teresa! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I have to say everything is beautiful but my oh my, your daughters loft is wonderful! It is so cozy and homey and she has done a wonderful job!
    I have a pillow problem, I love them. When mine get a little droopy I put them in the dryer and they fluff right up. Just an idea.


    1. I will have to try that pillow idea Bobbie. I think pillows are my addiction too. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  7. It is all so beautiful. I especially love the patriotic decor on the outside! What a ton of work you all have put into it.

    1. Thank you so much! We have a lot more work to do in the yard - but that's the fun part!


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