Thursday, August 2, 2012


It is quiet at my house right now.  My husband has left for work.  He works the night shift and leaves after lunch.  My daughter is visiting a friend for a few days in New Hampshire's White Mountains, and my son is at the movies seeing the Dark Knight again.

My house is clean.   It tends to stay that way these days.  No more little ones running around, making messes.  No more toys.   I baked a cake this morning and ran to the market.  Tomorrow I am making a meal for a friend who has cancer.  I have time to do these things now.

I'm sitting outside enjoying this beautiful summer day in New Hampshire.  We finally got a little rain, but today it is hot and humid again.  I love all kinds of weather and every season. 

I can't wait to experience each new season in this new house of ours.  It is such a joyful and peaceful place to be.  I can't stop taking in the view.  Everywhere you look you see beauty. 

This place is not fancy, nor is it new. But there is beauty in a family being restored here, only by the grace of God.

The old and weathered wood reminds me there was a story here, long before we came.  And our  family story will continue in this lovely old house.

Most of our neighbors are older, and they tell us stories of their children attending school here, many years ago.

My mostly grown children have wonderful memories of our old home.  It was a 100 year old Victorian on the main road in a large town.  It had a flowing brook that ran along the border of the property.  In the backyard, you felt as though you were in the country, but in front, you were in downtown - and could walk everywhere.  That house was a great place to grow up. 

I hope this house is a great place to grow old.

We are excited to create some new memories here.  But we were talking at dinner last night, and we all realized how much harder it is to be together now.  Everyone has jobs, school, friends, and their own cars.  It is almost impossible to find a day we can all be together. 

As I sit, I watch nature around me.  A chipmunk scurries about his day.  We had a chipmunk at our old house and Daniel named him Little Jerry Seinfeld.  To this day, all chipmunks are named Little Jerry Seinfeld in our family.

This beautiful summer day has just turned cloudy, and it has begun to rain. 

Two minutes later, and the sun is back out, but it is lightly raining.  That is New England for you.  If you don't like the weather, wait a minute.

I think I'll go for a peaceful swim in the rain.  I can float around and not get splashed.  I have the pool all to myself.  This is my life now.  Slower, quieter.

But in my mind I hear the laughing of all the neighborhood children along with my own, they are running and jumping and I keep telling them not to dive in, it is too shallow.  There are pool toys and pool towels everywhere.  There is a wet trail across my kitchen toward the bathroom.  I am handing out popcicles.............


  1. I read your new home post, too. What a fabulous home God provided for your family. Happy memory making!

  2. What a lovely post!! Thank you for sharing and for the visit and sweet comment at The Dedicated House. I would love it if you would share this post at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Oh, and I'm following you on GFC. Think you might just have the makings of a really, really good blog!! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. Awesome pictures and I cannot stop laughing over Little Jerry Seinfeld, the chipmunk. Hopefully yours in NH are much kinder than those in my neighborhood. We just discoverd that one got in our garage, stole several cups of birdseed and buried it in the plastic tub (no cover) that was holding my children's inflatable pool. Needless to say my oldest got a shock yesterday when he found the birdseed in the tub and a huge disappointment today when he went out to get into the pool that he inflated and filled last night only to discover that Old Chippy must have ripped a hole in the pool because it was collapsed. Uggg!

  4. Oh no Angela! I don't know how "kind" our chipmunks are yet because we haven't been here very long, but one got in the house the day we moved in and we never found out where he disappeared to. I hope your kiddos got a new pool to survive this weather we've been having! I am really happy to know you got a kick out of our family's wacky sense of humor:)



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