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Ikea Ektorp Sectional Sofa Update - Lofallet Beige

We have had the Ikea Ektorp sectional sofa for at least 5 years now.  So far I have not grown tired of it and still love the way it looks,  It has held up great under very heavy use and a lot of dog activity as well.  

This sofa was originally purchased in Blekinge white which I loved.  The original cover has been washed many, many times and shows no sign or damage or wear and tear to the fabric.  The white was however starting to look a bit dingy.  I would wash it and it would look great for a few days, but very quickly seemed to look dirty again.  I decided to replace the cover.  I had been meaning to buy a back-up for a long time but had just kept putting it off.  You can imagine my dismay when I tried to order one and learned the Blekinge white had been discontinued.

They have a new white called Vittaryd white which is twice the cost of the original Blekinge white,

We decided to go with the Lofallet beige instead,  At $99 for the sectional cover, it is the same cost that the Blekinge white was.  I was not sure I would like the beige, because I really loved the white.

I have to say that I really do LOVE the beige.  

It actually goes a little better in our old home because nothing is really white anyway.  Everything is really much more creamy than white.

Yet it still maintains that light, neutral look I love.

For some reason, the fabric does not attract dog fur the way the white did, and it is not just that it doesn't show up as much but the fur just doesn't cling to the fabric as much.

It definitely stays cleaner longer than the white did.

The beige also feels warmer during the cold Northeast winter.  I have kept the white slipcovers and will bring them out again for the spring and summer, but I love the beige as much as I like the white!

Frequently asked questions:

Q:  Would you purchase this sofa again?
A:  Yes, absolutely.   It would still be my first choice.

Q:  Is it comfortable?
A:  Yes, but this is a personal preference.  It is not hard at all, but it is also not pillow soft.  It is on the smallish size for a sectional and the back is not high so my husband puts a pillow behind his head for extra support.  I find it perfectly comfortable and have no complaints.

Q:  Is it hard to wash the slipcovers?
A:  It is easy to wash.  I do it in 3 loads with my front-load washer.  I air dry it by hanging it outside in the nice weather, or by hanging the large, main slipcover over my stairway bannister and hanging the covers on the dining room chairs.  Sometimes I throw them in the dryer for a few minutes.  I sometimes, but not always put it back on when it is slightly damp.  The one thing I would suggest is that you clean your washer (especially if it is a front loader) before washing the slipcovers or you might end up with black grease lines on the covers.  The lines come out easily with Shout.

Q:  Are the slipcovers hard to put back on? 
A:  The cushion covers are not hard at all, but the very large main slipcover is tricky to replace.  You definitely need to do a lot of tugging and pulling at it but it can be done alone.

Q:  Do you iron the slipcover after washing?
A:  No.  I never do and it looks fine.

Q:  Do stains come out?
A:  Yes, they come out easily after being sprayed with Shout, at least from the Blekinge white.  I do not yet have any stains on the beige and I have not had to wash the covers yet (6 months and counting).

Please ask any additional questions in the comments and I will be glad to answer!

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  1. Literally, just got back from Ikea with a new kitchen and new beige covers for our Ektorp furniture! We had white and I killed it with a big cup of coffee. We couldn't beat the price of the beige, and we think it will go nicely with golden retriever!

    1. I'm jealous! A new Ikea kitchen is next on my wish list! I think you will be very happy with the beige!
      Warmly, Gloria

  2. We also have the Ektorp and we recently switched from white to beige as well. We also LOVE it! We find it keeps clean for way longer. Absolutely love your house!!! It is gorgeous, but not in a showy way...just in a nice, homey way! You inspired me (and I convinced my husband haha) to totally change our living room from a super crazy orange color to more neutral tones.

    1. I love this comment Celeste! I am definitely not a showy person and I hope my home reflects that. I love warm and cozy without feeling cluttered and overdone. I hope I am achieving that. I had to win my husband over too, but now he loves our home.
      Warmly, Gloria

  3. You are a brave woman! I have always stayed away from white or beige sofas because we have two dogs, so I was so surprised to see that you have dogs as well. Your review was a pleasant surprise to hear that this has worked so well for you even with the pet hair. Thanks so much for sharing, you have given me a new outlook on white!!!

    1. I love white, but I love my dogs even more. We often throw blankets on the sofa when we know Rey (the black one) wants to cuddle with us. Harley doesn't like to get up on the sofa. If Rey leaves any paw prints, they usually brush off unless they are wet and muddy. Then I just remove the dirty cover/covers and toss them in the wash. I have no regrets about getting a white sofa. Go with what you love and you can make it work Ann!
      Warmly, Gloria

  4. Do you know the dimensions for the length across the inside where the cushions are? I'm wondering if my coffee table might be too long.

    1. It is about 58" from the inside corner to the end of the sofa. Our ottoman is 32" long and that is the longest that I would go. Good luck!
      Warmly, Glora


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