Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Ever-Changing Family Room

Here is our family room as it currently looks.  
This is a truly versatile room.  
It is easy and inexpensive to change 
with the holidays or seasons,
 and yes, 
I am that girl. 
 The one who changes 
with the holidays and the seasons.





And this...

 This my friends, 
is the image that has been pinned 
thousands of times on Pinterest.
My most pinned pin of all time.

This photo is from back in the day.  
The day we first got our 
Ikea Ektorp sectional sofa in Blekinge white.  
The day I didn't have a clue how to style a room.
The day I didn't have a clue.
2.4k pins and counting


You've come a long way baby.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quieting the Living Room for the Warmer Months

Spring was in the air.  
The faux fur pillows and knit throws were packed away for the cooler months which seemed so far away.  Today we are back to winter weather here in New Hampshire.  Northern NH is getting snow, we are hoping for a cold rain further south.  Since I can't work in the yard, I thought I would show you our living room lightened up for the spring and summer months.  

I like to keep things neutral with just a few hints of green here and there.  This draws the eye to the view out the windows which is just starting to green up.


 This back wall was quieted by removing most of the things that were hanging there.  We used stove blackening on the wood stove and it worked better than I hoped. 



 I used one of the old windows I found on the side of the road to make this lyric sign.  I painted the glass with leftover primer and paint.  Then used a metallic sharpie to stencil the words.  Total cost was $3 for the sharpie.  (I "borrowed" the idea for the sign from The House of Belonging).

 Buffalo check pillows are from Target.

This room is so calm and serene.  I love that there is no tv in here.

This is my favorite reading spot.

 Now I'm just wondering if April is too early to pack away the warm blankets. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The New Puppy and the Shark Steam Mop from Walmart

Just say "aw" now.
Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?
This is Rey (my kids are big movie fans).
She is Harley Quinn's new BFF, 
and unlike Harley, this one is Trouble with a capital T.

She likes to yip.  She likes to yell.  She likes to chew.
And she really likes to pee and poop.

My mop and bucket needed reinforcements.

Armed for battle, I went to Pinterest to do some research.

I found this pin and then read the reviews.  

I went to and found this Shark Steamer for $49.87.

I really wanted to order it, but I decided to wait.  Spending $50 big ones is not easy for me.  I'm more of a nickel and dimer.

The floors grew dirtier.

I caved and went to Walmart to look at it.

It was $69.87 in the store!

I know Walmart usually price matches,
 but I asked to be sure, and yes, they do.

 This is something I never realized before.  The online price at Walmart may be much lower than the in-store price.  I will never make a significant purchase again without first looking for the lowest price online.  Something else I didn't know - the online price can change daily.  When I looked up this item today to write this blog post, I found that the steamer has gone up $5 to $54.87.  I guess the lesson here is to know your prices and do some research before making a purchase.  

I absolutely love this steamer mop.  I used it last night to clean the kitchen floor, and then this morning I did the dining room.  It was so easy to use with much less fuss and mess than a bucket and mop.  It was also much faster to mop as well as dry.  The drying time was 3-4 minutes compared to 20 minutes or so when I mop.  The mop only uses water, so no chemicals are involved and there is no additional cost for cleaning products.  It is quiet and the cord is long enough to do a large room.  The tank holds enough water to do one full room before needing to be refilled, but refilling it is simple.  
The floors look great!
I definitely recommend this product.  

This is not a paid review, it is simply a product I purchased and really like.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sneak Peek at Our Rustic Christmas Home 2015

Welcome to a little sneak peek into our 
~Christmas Home 2015~

It's a little bit country
And it's a little rustic rock n' roll
It's a little bit of cottage and farmhouse
With a little bit of Sweden in its soul
I don't know if it's good or bad
But I know I love it so...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving early.  Our daughter Megan is in the Air Force and would not be home for Thanksgiving for the 2nd year in a row.  We were blessed to have her home a couple of weeks before, so we had our Thanksgiving then.  She left that afternoon with a full belly!